Military Dragon Taijiquan evolves the Imperial warrior invincible assassin encompassing QI Gong, Xingyiquan, Shaolin, and Tongbeiquan.

Military Dragon QI Gong is incredible to escalate health while simultaneously executing the highest unique level of combat assault, as health and combat are inseparable. QI Gong is displayed by Shaolin Monks executing unbelievable skills that definitely show supernatural powers. Dragon Taijiquan generates the same QI
meditative pressurized forces breathing as QI Gong, the transformations of energy structured more for combat, extraordinary powerful body to execute explosive deadly force. QI Gong and Taijiquan conditioning energy maneuvers are ingeniously placed in a chronological order executing electrically signaling that opens superficial pathways to erupt energy forces creating supernatural forces. Shen Psyche explodes the imagination to visualize energy transformations through Meridian thrusting channels that feel magnificent.
Emperors, Generals, Shaolin and Taoist Monks over 7,000 years evolved five traditional systems from witnessing warriors on the battlefield that were specifically created for individuals that possessed supernatural powers. Xingyiquan Ferocious Tiger evolved strategically designed for a larger stronger soldier that carried a powerful weapon that could eliminate several of the enemy quickly. Tiger is an enormous aggressive maneuver that never retreats or steps backwards. Xingyiquan explodes the endocrine system developing animal behavior and instinct keeping the invincible assassins at a heightened killing level that would lead the assault on the battlefield crushing to the enemies defense. Secretive military systems develop Shen Psyche that allows individual assassins to execute transformations of energies in their own unique development.

Military Dragon Taijiquan evolves the Imperial warrior invincible assassin’s secretive supernatural maneuvers executing Chen exploding force.

Dragon Taijiquan explodes Chen force in the smallest intricate movement at any position with maximum force simultaneously with the entire body. Dragon Taijiquan develops the muscular system to engage in the assault instantly as energetic pathways from Shen Psyche and the endocrine system ignite the peripheral nervous system to instantly obey demands during the assault. Dragon quickly drops into a cross leg maneuver that is executed
precisely for deadly assaults with firearms and daggers and extremely vital for deadly takedowns. Dragon is the supreme level of combat as it has the ability to change into five different animals generating an extraordinary defense simultaneously and maneuvering the assassin making it impossible for the enemy to attack him.
This magnificent maneuver is executed in the Dragon Taijiquan routine in transitions between maneuvers conditioning the nervous system and sculpturing muscular system to respond immediately. Assassins strategically structured a combat maneuver that demands tremendous energy conditioning that sculpture the muscles keep in the assassin well balanced and focused while engaged in combat. Ingeniously executes incredible speeds and powers as the entire mind and body are exploding maximum force simultaneously. Assassins engage quickly in the assault with Xingyiquan Tiger that crushes through the enemy’s defense then strategically change to King Cobra to precisely attack the jugular veins and carotid arteries, finishing with a Dragon takedown if capture was the motivation.

Military Dragon Taijiquan evolves the Imperial warrior invincible assassin’s secretive supernatural maneuvers executing Chen exploding force.

Assassins execute maneuvers simultaneously rather than try to apply techniques, or punch and kick that fatigues muscles quickly, is unbelievable dangerous, and is never incorporated in China’s military systems. Assassins assault like the Tiger entering with forelimbs crushing the prey, then releasing the claws to lock-in the prey from fighting back or escaping as deadly force attacked the vital areas of the throat. Assassins execute a strategic maneuver that allows them to change instantly if a second attacker may enter. Assassins use the first enemy to place a barrier between the second enemy and as the first one is killed opens a pathway to the second enemy. Techniques required two hands on one of the enemy’s arms leaving the assassin vulnerable as his body is not protected and impossible to quickly kill the enemy. A punch can only be thrown in a specific direction and must recoil before launched again changing a quick deadly assault into a fight, creating critical injuries, resulting in extended time, fatiguing all systems and making it dangerous for the second attack. Assassins
developed the maneuverability of deadly animals executing the assault instantly as electrically signaling
engages them as a natural reaction.

Dragon Taijiquan maneuvers flow with amazing exploding force throughout the routine that is two hours long, conditioning the assassin with supernatural powers and vital building a resistant to the enemies force.

Dragon Taijiquan executes the assault with QI meditative pressurized force breathing simultaneously transforming Yin Yang pressurized force maneuverability that personifies an aura of explosive force. Therefore if you try to stop the assassin from executing the maneuver at any point you will experience unstoppable force. Awakening imagination if you were in water up to your chest and proceeded forward ambient pressure on the entire body forces extraordinary concentration to continue the maneuver.

Military Dragon Taijiquan combat assault evolves the Imperial warrior invincible assassin exploding devastating Chen supernatural powers and immortality forces.

Dragon Taijiquan executes precise maneuverability as the commander places pressurized force on the assassin in various positions trying to prevent him from accomplishing the maneuver. This amazing method is executed in Taijiquan combat assault developing sensitivity and a powerful root to resist the incoming pressure and redirect the force. Cmdr. Hsu and his dedicated disciple Master Dodaro entered a specialized area with a wall built of plywood that enforces the Impact. A circle with an eight foot circumference had a red line down the center where fearless combat between Commander and disciple would be executed the last few hours of every training session. Commander for 20 years trained his disciple to withstand excruciating devastating pain while continuing the assault. It’s vital to strengthen the skeleton system to protect the internal organs as they become conditioned to shock. Execute Yin Yang intrinsic energy pressurized force protecting the muscle that protect the bone. Maintain a 45° angle to the opponent’s center that protects vital
areas and liver back.

This extraordinary punishment demanded the disciple to train daily in Taijiquan routines at an extreme heightened level conditioning’s the body to tolerate the impact.

Commander executed physical force that penetrated through the disciples defense launching him into the wall as he was demanded to continue the assault even severely injured. Taijiquan combat assault begins with right forearm touching Commander right forearm, and the hands touching the elbows. The training is designed to thrust the opponent out of the circle into the wall, take to the ground, or strike with enough force to inflict faint. This is extreme close quarter combat, difficult to see the lower extremities, impossible to visual the upper extremities, as speed and devastating force is amazing. In China competition fighting always begins in this position as the level of advancement may have a slightly smaller circumference or larger. The main purpose is to feel sensitivity anticipating the movements without separating contact. In proximity extremities are within inches of striking vital areas therefore it is imperative to maneuver the torso quickly as the lower extremities lock foot to foot and leg to leg in opposite directions simultaneously making it impossible to
escape or counterattack. This is the extreme level of QI pressurize exploding force as you adhere to the opponent as he quickly twists and turns to advanced into
the assault.

Military Dragon Taijiquan combat assault evolves the Imperial warrior invincible assassin exploding devastating Chen supernatural powers and immortality forces.

Taijiquan executes extraordinary centrifugal force in proximity as the waist explodes in one direction the
shoulder explodes in a second direction executing Chen devastating force through the enemy’s defense destroying his internal organs. Chen executed exploding force from the transformations of Shen, QI, and Jing that’s amazing. Chen is executed from the entire body in 8 directional Baguazhang pattern simultaneously that
protects the body and mind from impact. Chen executed from the deadly Dragon claw strikes to the forehead causing internal damage as the brain shifts resulting in faint or death. Chen strikes to the forehead with Dragon claw that quickly applies pressure from the palm in opposite directions controlling the head and instantly thrusting down in a backward direction that separates the neck at the spine as the second dragon claw pushes the shoulder forward. Assassins explode negative energy force into the enemy’s body through the jugular veins and carotid arteries that travel to the brain and heart simultaneously. Chen exploding force evolved
from the transformations of three secret treasure energies in the microcosmic orbit of energy, therefore Chen enters the enemies thrusting channels erupting force in several directions. Military Dragon Taijiquan executes Chen exploding force in various deadly areas as the ribs that are crushed penetrating the lungs and kidneys

Military Dragon Taijiquan combat assault evolves the Imperial warrior invincible assassin exploding devastating Chen.

Dragon Claw executes Chen through Qinna a grappling system for law enforcement officers that brings the criminal to a quick faint to safely apply constraints and escort him with no harm. Dragon deadly claw places the thumb on enemies jugular vein and carotid artery just under the jawbone pressing upward back direction and in, as the index finger presses downward back direction on the opposite side, and the two small fingers pressed in forward direction. Chen injects a negative poison into these areas simultaneously that kills quickly without a trace or continues pressure until fingers enter in and the palm crushes the throat. Chen quickly can break the arm and continue in the same circular motion strike to the head separating it from the spinal cord instantly. Chen takes several years to master as it demands the body to execute supernatural forces from the execution of the three secret treasure energies developed in mastering Dragon Taijiquan.

Panther executes Chen QI meditative pressurized force strikes igniting enormous speed and exploding force escalating the enemy to faint execute deadly force.

The deadliest devastating strike that kills quickly is Chen exploding force that involves from the transformations of the three secret treasure energies. Chen executes penetrating force that crushes through the arm destroying the skin, peripheral nervous system, muscle, and shatters the bone instantly. Chen exploding force executed in proximity once it strikes the arm Shen psyche destroys the peripheral nervous
system that stops the function of the muscle sending a distress signal to the brain that shuts off communication through the nervous system placing the enemy in severe danger. Chen executes the exploding palm that when it strikes the arm it rolls down and forward taking the enemy’s head forward as the assassin reverses the circle upward striking to the forehead that separates the neck from the spinal cord. This execution only takes a few seconds to witness this deadly force is horrifying. Panther routines execute this exploding force consistently for hours each day as combat energy conditioning maneuvers energizes 20 Meridian thrusting channels allowing electrically signaling from the retina to the contractile muscles for instant response. Chen exploding force takes years to master each level is extremely dangerous. Chicago PD female officers understood how to develop this magnificent force and over the years improved immensely.

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